The Longest Road to Sturgis

At long last, the pinnacle event of the year was here. I plan a week at a time for most events, but this Grandaddy of them all takes me months of preparation and it was finally here…..Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  I spent a month perfecting my t-shirt logos and restocking merchandise to ensure I have plenty

Snow Tire Fairy

It was a snowy 2 week trip to South Dakota for some shows at Saloon #10, the guys and I were a bit nervous about being on the roads since they were snow-packed and icy. It was dangerous for a regular vehicle, let alone a Ford Expedition and a 24’ trailer. We were driving super

Strap them Down

When I was first starting out in South Dakota, we put together this rock band and it was the first time I basically had my first band where I was making the decision and doing the bookings for us. We struggled to find bookings at first because nobody knew anything about us and there were

The Art of the Endorsement Deal

Everyone knows that endorsement deals are what keep artists and musicians on the road. There is no way to possibly replace and repair everything that breaks and malfunctions on the road independently unless you’re independently wealthy as well. I was on FIRE to get some endorsement deals….not only to help with broken gear, but it

The Door is always Open

Touring in the winter can be a bit of a bitch. Your options are limited where you can travel due to snow storms and ice and brutal freezing temperatures, so you tend to try and stay down South over those cold months.  But for us first starting out, we didn’t have the connections in the