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Jasmine Cain | Do It For You

Directed and Filmed: Thomas Crane @Kill Devil Films
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Jasmine Cain | Money | Audio

Crucified for my over-exposure Identified by my need to survive Justified by my limited options I’m sick inside We all know what you’re trying to prove here It’s far below what keeps me alive It’s all for show, so I’m calling you out now I’m sick inside Pardon me for coming clean  Pay me what…

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Jasmine Cain | Let It Go | Audio

I’ve been here before Keep coming back for more I’m on fire – fire I can’t let it go Chorus:  Cause I’ve been burned by desire Flames get hotter I can’t let it go You can’t let it go This could be the end of it I’m addicted I can’t quit I can’t let it…

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Jasmine Cain | Burnout | Audio

There’s a guy in my face trying to push his agendaShoved me off a cliff on a three day benderGot a note from a stranger saying Jesus loves meHe might change his mind by the time I’m done, we’ll see. Here is comes, I can feel itHere it comes,I’m heading for a BurnoutIn 5…4…3…2.. 5..4..3..2..1……Burnout!…

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Jasmine Cain | Beautiful Tragedy

Lay it down Lay it down Rest your head just for a while And listen close so I can take away the pain Close your eyes, search inside Stop the pain you feel and I’ll remind you You’re the only reason that I’m Here lies the key, take it Walk alone you’ll never make it…

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Jasmine Cain | Never Goodbye

Days gone by and I’m still sinking in Every word I could’ve said Your gone so far and gone Memories just leave me ‘lone Find myself runnin’ slow as time moves faster I never took the time to say goodbye Chorus: Wish we would never grow up, never grow old, never goodbye Wish we would…